About Family Signs
At Family Signs, it is winter all year round! In January, owner
Paula Cullen starts by cutting the wood. The lengths are
determined by the number of family members to be painted. The
boards are sanded and holes are drilled for the wire hanger.
Then it's on to painting the background color. Paula's mother, Sue,
is using a quality exterior paint applied with a roller. The boards are
put on racks for drying.
Each sign is hand painted with a technique called tole painting. The
shading and stroke work are combined to give each sign a
professional decorative look. Paula has been a member of the
National Society of Decorative Painters since 1986. Her design is
registered with the United States Copyright Office #VAu400-773.
The signs are then assembled by Paula and Lucy, who add the
wreaths, wires, and bows. Paula is then ready to personalize
the signs on an order-by-order basis whether at craft shows,
through craft stores or by mail order.
Every effort has been made to offer a quality hand-crafted
product at a reasonable price. The standard family signs
include up to four children with any combination of two pets
(cats and/or dogs). Grandparents love our grandchildren signs!

            " Special orders are always welcome"
Family Signs
7 Coleman Place
Londonderry, NH 03053