Frequenty Asked Questions

Question 1:  How do I add names or fix mistakes on a sign?

Adding names:  
I use an extra-fine black paint pen (found in most art supply stores) and a stick and ball craft font.  In adding to names already on the
sign, you should practice on a side piece of paper to match the size and style.

Fixing mistakes:
You will need paint thinner, a Magic Eraser (sold at most stores) and a cotton makeup remover pad or several Q-tips.  It is easier to
remove the whole name rather than to try to just remove one letter.  Dip the cotton pad (or a Q-tip) in the paint thinner and begin to
rub off the name.  This may take several tries with several new Q-tips.  When most of the name is removed, the remaining can be
cleaned up with a wet Magic Eraser.  Let dry and reapply as described above.

Question 2:  Do you have sample lettering so that the writing on the signs can match when a name has to be added?

Yes, this is the craft-style font that I use.
Family Signs
Londonderry, NH